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The relationship between livestock production and climate change is hotly debated, with some arguing for less livestock production worldwide. But not all meat, milk, and eggs are the same. 

For millions of families in low-income countries, keeping livestock provide multiple benefits such as a buffer against climate and other shocks. By contrast, in industrialised countries large-scale livestock enterprises produce single commodities, generally meat or milk. 

Yet, all livestock are lumped together in standard mainstream narratives and associated policy recommendations about diet and production. 

We call for better recognition of the role, sustainable livestock systems play in the global South and a more nuanced discussion about the role of livestock in transforming our food, land and water systems.

This webpage provides livestock champions with resources to use in their engagements that demonstrate the benefits of sustainable livestock to smallholder farmers in LMICs.

Campaign: The Cow in the room - #LetsTalkLivestock @COP27

The Cow in the Room Campaign starts November 7.  A content calendar has been created so you can join in each day of the campaign. Each tweet has been linked to its asset for an easy download for all individuals who are using the content calendar.

We have created templates to be used by partners to craft your own messages in this folder, including the In Design templates for partners to use as they wish. Join us and please remember to use the #LetsTalkLivestock

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