Evidence of Livestock Impacts on Sustainable Development Briefs A series of briefs highlighting key evidence for governments, investors, experts and policymakers

Development benefits of livestock asset transfer programs

Livestock asset transfer programs are positive mechanisms for investors
to improve rural livelihoods, resilience, and household nutrition.

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Livestock keeping improves diets in developing countries

The studies reported on here show that livestock keeping can and does improve the nutrition of low-income households raising different kinds of livestock in diverse settings and across different countries.

Infographic showing distributing livestock to rural households can increase diet diversity

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Livestock keeping improves gender equality in developing countries

Increasing women's roles in lviestock management decisions is associated with positive impacts on women's welfare, increased livestock assets, reduced debt, and increased incomes, as well as decreased anxiety symptoms and improved subjective health scores.

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Livestock keeping improves livelihoods in developing countries

Programs that improve rural livelihoods also increase daily and per capita income, assets, and savings.

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