The Health-Methane Nexus: Opportunities for Action

Core message

The goal of this panel is to raise awareness of the intersection between methane mitigation strategies and public health, to elevate health considerations in prioritizing methane mitigation strategies and to identify opportunities to accelerate action. With countries poised to act under the Global Methane Pledge, now is the time to center health opportunities of methane abatement, including preventing chronic disease and premature death via reduced exposure to ozone, and other co-pollutants and enhancing public health through better nutrition

The panel will consist of:

  • Adrián Fernández, Executive Director, Iniciativa Climática de México
  • Carolina Urmeneta, Program Director for Circular Economy, Global Methane Hub
  • Todd Crane, Principal Scientist Climate Change Adaptation, International Livestock Research Institute

With a virtual presentation by:

  • Rodrigo Seguel, Researcher, Center for Climate and Resilience Research

With facilitation by:

  • Sarah Vogel, Sr. Vice President - Health, Environmental Defense Fund