Climate Change adaptation briefs by ILRI

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Climate change Adaptation BriefsLivestock keepers and the stakeholders who support them through research, policymaking, and program implementation need more support to adapt livestock systems to the growing challenges of climate change. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are over 300 million impoverished people who rely on livestock as a key primary or even sole productive asset. The purpose of this collection is to outline ILRI’s agenda for implementing practical interventions and conducting basic research for climate change adaptation in livestock systems in developing countries.

1. Introduction to International Livestock Research Institute’s agenda for climate change adaptation in livestock systems

2. Supporting increased productivity, resilience and environmental sustainability for livestock keepers in the rangelands

3. Developing, disseminating and ensuring the adoption of improved forages to support increased productivity and resilience for livestock keepers

4. Reducing the growing burden of livestock and zoonotic disease under climate change through new evidence, tools and technology and improved disease surveillance

5. Leveraging improved genetics and breeding to support climate adaptation for livestock keepers in low-income countries

6. Policy and decision support for increased investment in livestock adaptation strategies that contribute to productivity, nutrition, resilience and mitigation

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