Todd Crane

Head of Delegation & Principal scientist, Climate change adaptation


Todd Crane joined the Livestock Systems and the Environment team at ILRI in January 2014, following 6 years as an assistant professor in social sciences at Wageningen University. Working on the CCAFS and Drylands CRPs, Todd’s research centers on interdisciplinary approaches to climate change adaptations undertaken by farmers and herders and how those intersect with scientific research, policies and development practices. He is particularly interested in autonomous adaptation. Todd did his PhD in ecological anthropology at the University of Georgia (US). He conducted his thesis research in central Mali, analyzing farmers’ and herders’ land management knowledge and practices, as well as the politics between farmers and herders in landscape level rural development. He has subsequently conducted research on topics such as seasonal climate forecasts as agricultural risk management tools, local institutions and climate adaptation, local knowledge in socio-technical innovation processes, and farmer led adaptation.