Renee Bullock

Senior Scientist


Renee Bullock joined the Sustainable Livestock System Program in  2018. She has worked in the CGIAR for over a decade and conducted gender research in sub Saharan Africa in mixed crop and livestock and pastoral systems. Currently, she both integrates gender in project activities to support socially inclusive development and leads research in understanding social differentiation and climate change. Her research focus includes understanding relationships between gender, livestock management and climate adaptation practices. Specific research topics include understanding the role of participatory rangeland management on women's empowerment and effects on community dynamics; mitigating risk through insurance and credit services; and gender responsive scaling of climate smart technologies. Renee is very interested in youth-specific research, such as young women's and men's transitions to adulthood and how these experiences reflect social and environmental changes. Renee earned her PhD in Geography in 2015 from the University of Florida. Her dissertation investigated social dynamics of spice value chains in the East Usambaras, Tanzania.