Ray Gaesser

Conservation Infrastructure Initiative


Ray Gaesser has been working the land for more than 50 years. The Corning, Iowa, farmer grows corn and soybeans on 5,400 acres. His family’s priority is caring for the land through various conservation practices, including no-till and cover crops. Most of their land is fertilized with manure from several neighboring livestock and poultry farms. Gaesser Farms continues to test and implement the latest technology, innovations, and practices in equipment and seeds to grow more while preserving and enhancing their resources.

Gaesser has advocated – locally, nationally and globally – for agriculture in Iowa and the United States as president and leader of the Iowa Soybean Association, American Soybean Association, North American Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance and many other boards and organizations. He currently serves as co-chair of the Iowa Conservation Infrastructure Initiative, advancing environmental practices toward meeting the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Gaesser is the recipient of the American Soybean Distinguished Leader in 2018, the Iowa Master Farmer award in 2012, the Adams County Conservation award, and the Lenox  Rotary Good Citizen Award.