Support pastoralist communities

In dry areas, where livestock underpin livelihoods, improving livestock assets and safeguarding access to grazing land will help communities overcome conflict, drought and other climate shocks, and sustainably manage rangelands

Core message

Actions and Solutions

  • Provide insurance and financing options that encourage more market-driven production practices and safeguard animals during droughts.
  • Support improved and diversified livelihoods without compromising the essential environmental stewardship roles of pastoral communities.
  • Devise innovative public-private partnerships that provide accessible veterinary, One Health and other services in remote settings.
  • Exploit digital technologies and platforms that extend access by pastoralists to markets, advisory services and finance and that help them monitor and predict risks to livestock, such as droughts or diseases.
  • Support participatory land-management institutions to strengthen local land-use rights and provide equitable and sustainable access to common grazing areas.