Provide the poor and vulnerable with access to animal-source foods

Where poor and vulnerable groups cannot access livestock-derived foods, enhancing livestock productivity, improving distribution and processing systems, extending the life of perishable food products, and providing livestock-derived foods in affordable small quantities can widen and enrich food choices

Core message

Actions and Solutions

  1. Make livestock-derived foods more affordable and accessible to poor and vulnerable groups by reducing production and distribution costs, increasing market efficiencies, promoting low-cost processing and packaging, encouraging local sourcing and providing targeted price supports.
  2. Promote access to poultry and other small livestock that can provide poor households with more income, better nutrition and other social benefits.
  3. Scale out proven innovations in the livestock sector, such as more appropriate breeds, better feeds and adequate veterinary care, that can make milk, meat and eggs more affordable and accessible for vulnerable populations.
  4. Reduce the risks of food-borne illnesses in resource-poor settings by increasing awareness of proper washing and hygiene practices when handling livestock and livestock products and managing their waste.