Side event

Mobilizing Global Support for Food Security and Climate-Responsive Agriculture


Laura Cramer

Job title
Specialist - Policy Engagement

George Wamukoya

African Group of Negotiators Expert Support (AGNES)
Job title
Lead negotiator on agriculture

Core message

event summary

The event dives into the crucial intersection of agriculture, climate adaptation, and legislative policy modeling. In a world grappling with the effects of climate change, securing food independence while aligning with environmental needs has become a top global priority. You will hear from experts on:

- Climate Adaptation for Better Agriculture and Livestock: Discover the latest advancements in climate responsive agriculture and livestock management. Learn how farmers and agricultural experts are adapting

their practices to meet the challenges posed by changing weather patterns and the increasing unpredictability

of climate.

- The Role of Legislators in Policy Modeling: Understand the pivotal role that legislators play in shaping policies

that support sustainable agriculture and food security. Learn how lawmakers worldwide are working to create

robust, environmentally conscious frameworks for agriculture and food production.

- Technologies and Advanced Practices: Explore cutting-edge technologies and advanced agricultural practices

that are transforming the global food production landscape. Discover how innovative solutions are driving

agricultural efficiency, sustainability, and resilience.

- Australia's Contribution to the Global Landscape: Gain insights into Australia's unique contributions to food

security and climate-responsive agriculture. Learn about the practices, technologies, and expertise that

Australia is sharing with the world to address these pressing global challenges.