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Land, livestock and livelihoods: Early actions for adaptation and resilience-building from Africa’s drylands and rangelands


Cynthia Mugo

Job title
Policy & Engagement Stakeholder Advisor

Nuria Gollo

Marsabit Women Advocacy and Development Organization
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Jarso Mokku

Kenya Pastoralist Parliament Group
Job title
Secretary- Head of the Secretariat

Natasha Maru

International Land Coalition
Job title
Global Lead Rangelands and Pastoralists

Core message

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Drylands and rangelands cover two-thirds of Africa, offering food and livelihood security to hundreds of millions of people, and contributing substantially to GDP. Yet climate change adds layers of uncertainty and variability, exacerbating the risks that communities already face. 

This session focuses on ‘anticipatory action’ at the intersection of livestock agri-food systems, climate action, land and mobility rights, security, governance and humanitarian action. It will explore investment priorities and solutions of pastoralist communities as they prepare, adapt and respond to climate shocks in Africa’s drylands and rangelands. 

The opportunities are there to achieve transformative change and leverage the dynamic capacities of dryland pastoral systems to provide for both people and the planet. With the right support, pastoralists’ adaptive expertise can inform and enrich future investment choices.



Advancing Livestock for Climate (ALIVE4C)

In collaboration with:

International Land Coalition (ILC)

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action

Mercy Corps