ILRI event

Kenya Livestock Investor Convening and Pitch Event

Core message

This event is hosted by Gatsby Africa, AgThrive and the International Livestock Research Institute, with funding support from Gatsby Africa and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

By attending this event, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable insights into diverse and growing livestock investment opportunities in Kenya
  • Understand the Kenyan livestock investment landscape
  • Connect with industry leaders, experts, and fellow investors and donors
  • Explore investment opportunities in a range of livestock ventures


Agenda highlights for the convening include:

1. Insights into the Kenya livestock investment opportunity and investor landscape: Expert-led discussions of the diverse and growing investment opportunities in the Kenyan livestock sector and investor-led discussions of successes and challenges in livestock investing in the country. We will share insights from our recent study assessing 100+ investors including who is investing, what they are investing in and the challenges and barriers they face to livestock investing in Kenya.

2. Pitch Event: We will showcase innovative pitches from entrepreneurs and innovators working on a range of solutions within livestock and poultry value chains. Businesses and innovators achieving impact for small-scale farmers and pastoralists, food security and climate adaptation and resilience will be highlighted.

3. Livestock Solutions Marketplace and Networking Event: Investors will have an opportunity to meet livestock businesses and innovators 1:1 to discuss investment opportunities and to network with other investors and donors interested in livestock investing.