From commitment to action: integrating nutrition financing in climate change framework


Namukolo Covic

Job title
Director General’s Representative to Ethiopia, CGIAR Ethiopia Country Convenor and CGIAR Regional Director for East and Southern Africa

Core message

event summary

The Federal Government of Somalia, African Union Nutrition Champion, AUC, AfDB/ALN, and partners are hosting a high-level event at COP 28 to promote the integration of nutrition into the climate change financing framework. Climate change is a significant driver of malnutrition, affecting food systems, availability, access, and nutritional quality. The complex interactions between climate change and malnutrition highlight the urgent need for comprehensive and integrated approaches. Efforts to mitigate climate change, enhance agricultural resilience, promote sustainable food systems, and improve access to nutritious foods are critical to combating climate-induced malnutrition and achieving global health and development goals. Over 2 billion people face micronutrient deficiency, 828 million are undernourished, and 676 million suffer from obesity.  Incorporating nutrition concerns into the climate finance framework offers numerous advantages.  


African Development Bank, ALN and the Prime Minster of Somalia