Catalyzing Investment for Sustainable Livestock Innovators - Africa Climate Summit

Core message

Livestock is fundamental to the livelihoods of millions of households in Africa, providing a buffer against climate and other shocks. At the same time climate change is a huge risk for livestock production, impacting productivity and necessitating adaptation. Livestock is also a significant emitter of greenhouse gases in Africa. Scaling research, development and business innovations that support livestock
producers to improve their lives without increasing greenhouse gas emissions is critical but underfunded.

AgThrive in partnership with the International Livestock Research Institute (through the Global Livestock Advocacy for Sustainable Development Project) is developing a pipeline of investable livestock solutions from business, research and development that support climate adaptation and resilience in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. At the same time, we are building relationships with donors and investors (impact and commercial) with interest in sustainable livestock investing. We will link them to solutions in our pipeline with the goal of increasing investment to the sector. Our current pipeline of solutions includes, for example, cultivated quality forages, alternative feeds, digital solutions for forage producers and biogas.

The goal of this side event is to provide a space for livestock innovators to pitch their sustainable livestock solutions and to receive valuable feedback to improve their pitches. Innovators will be sourced from AgThrive’s pipeline as well as McKinsey’s pipeline from the Kenya Livestock Steering Committee. In addition to innovator pitches, we will introduce our process of identifying investable, sustainable livestock solutions and linking them with investors.

The side event will facilitate sustainable livestock solution pipeline development and relationship building with sustainable livestock investors. Ultimately, we aim to catalyze investment for livestock innovators achieving results for climate adaptation, resilience and mitigation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Draft Agenda

Opening Remarks-Investment focus (5 min.): BMGF TBC

Opening Remarks-Sustainable Solution Focus (5 min.): ILRI TBC

Introducing the Sustainable Livestock Solutions Exchange (5 min.) Kristin Girvetz, Director, AgThrive

Sustainable Livestock Innovators

·       Pitch 1 (5 min.): Commercializing Cultivated Quality Forages, The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT

o   One question sourced from the panel + audience (2 min.)

·       Pitch 2 (5 min.): Mechanizing the Fodder Supply Chain, Hello Tractor

o   One question sourced from the panel + audience (2 min.)

·       Pitch 3 (5 min.): Carbon Neutral Livestock Trade, Livestock Trade Services

o   One question sourced from the panel + audience (2 min.)

·       Pitch 4 (5 min.): TBD (AgWild?, HQCP-ILRI?, black soldier fly start-up?)

o   One question sourced from the panel + audience (2 min.)

Investment Ranking Panel (“Dragon’s Den”) (9 min.)

·       2 members: Donor and Impact Investor

·       Ranks each pitch using a provided rubric and provides comments to the innovators

 Closing remarks: Compare Panel and Audience Ranking?