Side event

By Africa, for Africa - A new approach to collaboration between Africa’s institutions and CGIAR for climate action in agriculture

Core message

event summary

This event will explore how we can sustainably support truly African-led research, innovation, and scaling and ways to transition to a “twenty-first century African-led agricultural research system”.

Event Objectives

- How the African Union hopes to deliver its Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan

- How Africa’s regional organizations can support this AU Strategy

- Actions to transform CGIAR capacity building partnerships with African institutions, ensuring truly ‘locally led development’

- Why CGIAR needs a ‘vision’ for scaling innovation in Africa, informed by AICCRA

- Key messages from a new journal article ‘Building twenty-first century agricultural research and extension capacity in Africa’ (Jayne et al 2023, reviewed by Sonja Vermeulen)

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