ALive4Climate Alliance  

    A new alliance on Advancing Livestock 4 Climate

    The world’s cows, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and other farm animals are essential to the well-being of the more than 800 million people living in chronic poverty, hunger and undernutrition globally. The majority of these people rely on small farms or extensive rangelands in rural and remote areas of the Global South to make ends meet. Approximately two-thirds of the world's agricultural lands are dedicated to permanent pasture, meadow, or savannah ecosystems; without livestock, these vast expanses of land would remain largely disconnected from the global food production system. Raising livestock and selling animal-source foods are key pathways that support improvements in rural economies and provide multiple benefits: improved ​​livelihoods and household food security, better nutritional outcomes,  draught power, fertiliser, fibre, and a convertible source of income.
    Advancing Livestock 4 Climate (Alive4Climate) brings together a group of like-minded organizations and individuals who are committed to transform livestock systems to better achieve societal goals while recognizing and reinforcing the transformative roles sustainable livestock systems can have as part of sustainable agri-food systems.
    Alive4Climate’s global community of changemakers seeks to use our collective voice, resources and expertise to showcase why livestock matter in the Global South. Welcoming a spectrum of opinions and approaches, we champion evidence-based campaigns, communication and advocacy. We seek to elevate global, regional and national discourses, investment and policies around sustainable livestock systems and animal agriculture more generally.

      How to get involved  

      Joining Alive4Climate does not involve any fee. We do expect partners to  contribute their knowledge, expertise and time during key moments and events. Your involvement can take several forms: 

      • Sharing evidence, cases and solutions
      • Actively participating in campaigns 
      • Working together to co-organize global, regional and national engagements. 

      To express your interest and state your purpose for joining contact Michael Victor, 

        Current partners