Use gender approaches to livestock research and development work

Gender approaches to the design and implementation of livestock interventions safeguard the interests of women.

Core message


Investments to carry out and act on explicit gender-responsive assessments of livestock policies, programs and projects enhance gender equity, advance economic and empowerment opportunities for women and deliver robust interventions and outcomes that can help to positively transform livestock and food systems.


Design interventions and use iterative monitoring and evaluation approaches from the start of livestock projects so as to anticipate and address the consequences of the project’s work as well as to exploit opportunities for enhancing gender equity and women’s empowerment.

Employ robust gender approaches to livestock projects to ensure that women benefit, rather than lose out, from any resulting changes to local practices, norms and culture.

Specifically engage young women and men to grow their mutual recognition, confidence and negotiating abilities and to help position them take on social and business leadership roles in future.

Help actors across livestock value chains to see, understand and address gender and inclusion issues to ensure that their actions and interventions are gender-sensitive and do not leave women behind.