About Us

Photo Credit: ILRI/Brian Kawuma

WhyLivestockMatter.org brings together evidence and data showing how livestock contribute to global sustainable development goals. It also points to actions and decisions that can be taken with this evidence to improve the lives and livelihoods of people around the world, including tackling the health and environmental risks around unsustainable livestock production.

The site was launched by the Global sustainable Livestock Advocacy for Development (GLAD) project in June 2018.

As well as this effort to distill and present evidence on sustainable livestock and its development impacts, the project and partners engaged different stakeholders in high-profile events and through media, developed a learning tool to strengthen advocacy communications and set up a community of practice for people engaged in these efforts.

The GLAD project was a two-year initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), a CGIAR research centre.

Connect and learn

The sustainable livestock sector comprises many different actors and perspectives. The GLAD project engaged with many of them and the evidence compiled comes from many sources.

A few key resources to connect more deeply into this world are provided here:

  1. The International Livestock Research Institute works to improve food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for better and more sustainable use of livestock. The research it produces is openly accessible ; It publishes regular updates and news about its work and the livestock sector generally.
  2. The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock is a partnership of livestock sector organizations working towards agreed paths to sustainability and collective practice change. It unites governments, civil society, private sector, donors, research and academia, NGOs, as well as inter-governmental and multilateral organizations. Many of its partners are themselves platforms and alliances showing the contributions of livestock.
  3. The Livestock Global Alliance is a coalition of international organizations with a global mandate in the livestock sector. Its members are committed to work together in order to pursue a safer, fairer and more sustainable livestock sector around the world.
  4. The Animal Production and Health Division of FAO strengthens the contribution of the livestock sector towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It facilitates the participation of all livestock producers – large and small – to grow the sector, especially in developing countries. FAO is a principal source of the global data and analysis that underpins this work.
  5. The Livestock Data for Decisions community of practice brings together ‘data suppliers’ and ‘data users’ to make livestock data more discoverable and digestible for decision makers.
  6. Foodsource is a collection of resources on food system sustainability, explaining the issues and ideas that matter, and how they all interconnect. It discusses many of the wider sustainability issues around diets, environment and health, including livestock’s roles in these.
  7. The Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health convenes leading research organizations working to realize livestock genetic gains  for smallholders.
  8. The Global Livestock Advocacy for Development community of practice is a forum for individual livestock advocacy and communication 'champions' and practitioners to share information and coordinate efforts to promote sustainable livestock development.